Any problem detected should be fixed as soon as possible before it escalates to be worse. The damage mainly affects the structure of your pool and can easily be detected on the surface. If the damages are detected and repaired early, you will be able to cut down on maintenance and repair costs.

Hiring experts is another way of ensuring the cost of maintenance is minimal. Experts have all resources required for the service and they will ensure it is done within the shortest time possible. Doing maintenance on yourself will be costly and time consuming because you may lack expertise and tools required for the task.

Since there are several pool maintenance companies, it is advisable to select the one offering the most competitive and affordable rates on the market. Hiring a company that will perform the task over a certain period of time would save you a lot of cash. In addition, the company you hire must be reliable and efficient in service delivery. A reliable company will ensure pool maintenance is done on schedule and this will be essential in reducing chances of additional cost in case the service is not provided at the required time.

Pools & Pool Maintenance

pools Keeping a pool clean and clear is not an easy job. It takes a regular daily routine to make sure the pool is sparkling clean. There are some tips to help keep the pool clean and the water blue.

  • Skim and Clean

    Skimming the surface of the pool is one easy way to keep it clean. Debris that is floating will sink and it will be more difficult to remove. A hand or a leaf skimmer will help get rid of bugs, leaves, and other things floating in the water. Be sure to clean out the strainer basket on a weekly basis so that it does not cause the filter to work harder.

  • Vacuum and Brush
    pool cleaning

    The pool should be vacuumed at least once a week. This will keep the filer from having to work too hard and keep the filter from working hard.




  • Check Water Levels

    Water in the swimming pool is prone to evaporation and water will splash out when a person is swimming. It is important to check water levels and to keep them constant. The water level should never fall below the skimmer. If the water level gets too low the filter and the pumps can be damaged. If the water is getting low it should be refilled with a garden hose. Even after the swimming season is done the pool should not be empty for too long. A little water should be left in the pool to keep the ground from below from pushing up on the pool.

  • Keep pH Levels Constant
    ph levelBe sure to test the pool water on a regular basis to make sure the pH level are safe. The acidity should range between and 14. An ideal pH level ranges between 7.2 and 7.8. This will help keep the sanitation levels in balance and is top efficiency. There are many kits that a person can use to test their pool pH level. A little pool water is put on a test strip and it will change colors to tell a person how their pH level in the pool is. Depending on what the test strip says a person may have to add chemicals to their pool.

These are just some tips to keep the pool clean. Following these tips will help keep the pool clean and safe. Maintaining the pool will help save the filter and put less pressure on the filter so it will last for a longer period of time.