The pool you have on your property is a wonderful place to have fun, relax, read, and host your guests, but you must find maintenance options for your pool that help you save time. A pool maintenance company will step in to help you keep up the quality of the pool’s water, and you must ensure that you have hired a company that will help you every month. This article explains how a pool maintenance company will provide you with the services you need.

#1: The Pool Maintenance Schedule

pool maintenance sheduleThe pool maintenance schedule for your home must be set in conjunction with the maintenance company. A maintenance man or woman will come to your home at the time you choose, and you need not be home for the service. You may provide the service technician with a key or code to get to your pool, and the pool will be cleaned whether you are home or not. The maintenance schedule is easy to check, and you may request a hold on your services at any time.

#2: What Is Done During A Service Appointment?

Service appointments include a cleaning of the surface of the pool, and anything sitting on the bottom of the pool will be pulled up and the traps around the pool will be cleared out. The service technician will clear leaves or straw around the pool, and the furniture will be moved into its proper place. The service technician will leave a form showing what was done, and the technician will make recommendations to you as a homeowner on their form.

#3: The Pool Pump Is Checked

pool pumpThe pump is checked to ensure that it is functioning properly. A pump is a large machine that must be maintained properly, and your technician will enter your poolhouse to check on the pump during every visit. The pump must be checked for damage, slow pumping, and clogs. The technician will solve small problems on their own, and a major service may be recommended if there is a serious issue.

#4: You Pay Monthly

The service company will charge you a monthly fee for their trouble, and the price for the service will be much lower than anything you could do on your own. Completing pool service on your own is far too difficult to do cheaply, and you will save money when you have hired a service company to come to your home to help you.

Your home pool is a wonderful place to go when you want to relax, swim or rest, but you must ensure that the pool is maintained by a proper service company. The service company will schedule your appointments today, and you will have a service technician at your home soon.